There are many reasons our members chose to join Alpha Delta Phi. Affordable rent, a spot to hang out, Greek social community, friendship, leadership opportunities, a new life experience, and brotherhood.

Being an Alpha Delt means you are part of a special group of men. The members are always there for each other, forming lifelong bonds that are called upon during hardships and achievements. With genuine care and concern for each other, we encourage a sense of belonging. This is what we hope to share and instill in our new members as they consider Alpha Delta Phi.

What Type of Members Are We Looking For?

Alpha Delta Phi has members as diverse as the University itself. We have members from various colleges with various different majors. They participate in different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and have individual interests. In potential members, we see leaders striving for excellence. Our brothers work to improve themselves every day and assist each other in any way needed to make every member a better person, socially, morally, and intellectually.

Recruitment Process

At the Minnesota Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi, brothers meet potential members outside of the house that feel they would fit well into our fraternity. We encourage new friends to visit the house to meet active members and learn more about our organization.

An informal recruitment period  focuses on inviting new members to join. We plan events for potential members and friends to hang out with the active brothers. Last semester and semesters past have seen pool tournaments, movie nights, Twins games, Gopher games, and a weekly poker night. A bid card is extended to a potential member that exemplifies the values of Alpha Delta Phi. Signing the card indicates one’s mutual interest in joining Alpha Delta Phi. While there is no immediate commitment involved with the bid cards, potential members may only sign one bid card for one house. After which, New Member Education starts, closing the bidding process for the semester.

Those who have signed bid cards will make weekly visits to the house and are now considered Pledges. They will spend an hour a week with the Pledge Educator learning about our specific Minnesota house and its history along with the history of Alpha Delta Phi International. We generally provide a little over a month to give enough time to learn everything needed before Initiation.

Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota, Alpha Delta Phi International, and the University of Minnesota actively enforces strict NO HAZING guidelines and principles. We adhere to these rules with a zero tolerance policy.

What Do I Get Out of Joining? / Why Should My Son Join?

  1. Diversity & Support

    The fraternity is a mix of students at different stages of their education and university experience. Older brothers are a great source of life advice. New members learn from the experience of older members and benefit from advice or a different perspective. Our smaller fraternity affords us a close-knit community that looks out for one another.

  2. Academics

    Upperclassmen in a wide variety of fields help newer students with homework, assignments, test prep, and class selection. It is in the best interest of Alpha Delta Phi to help brothers who may be struggling with their studies. A central library of old class notes, course books and old exams is available in the house library for the benefit of all current students.

  3. Resumé Building

    Being a member of Alpha Delta Phi shows employers your life outside of school and lets them know that you get along well with others while working as a team. In a lot of ways, a fraternity is like a corporation: a president oversees the entire fraternity while each man is responsible for a particular area and a specific result. For example, the president communicates well and is able to organize events. The philanthropy chairman has experience with charity and is interested in helping others.

  4. Networking

    Alumni can help you get a job or decide on a career. Our Minnesota Alumni Association is eager to help graduating members enter the workforce and they take an active role in finding jobs for graduates or pointing them in the right direction. The International Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association also plays an integral part in assisting brothers upon graduation. Alumni reaching out to actives on the hunt for professional success is a tradition from which many of our members have benefitted.

  5. Affordability

    We offer a lower cost of living than University Housing and surrounding apartments and also offer a meal plan to all residents. Our house is a place where brothers can hang out between classes or come for lunch or dinner. We’ll save you a drive home for any reason (bad weather, early morning test, etc.). At Alpha Delta Phi, brothers always have a place to stay.

  6. Build Leadership Skills

    Alpha Delta Phi offers leadership positions that entail varying degrees of responsibilities. The fraternity is a great place to learn life long skills that will be used in the workplace and other organizations. Holding an elected office within the fraternity indicates one’s dependability, maturity, and reliability.

  7. Scholarships

    Our fraternity pursues the values of a literary society. In keeping with tradition, the International fraternity offers multiple academic scholarships and other financial assistance based on grades. An annual literary competition with a cash prize is offered for outstanding writing, poetry and photography. Brothers who choose to live in the chapter house are also granted a grade-based scholarship to further subsidize the cost of living.

  8. Philanthropy

    Though brothers participate in a wide range of volunteer work in their spare time, we, as a fraternity also plan and participate in charity events in an effort to give back to the community. Proceeds go to various causes as Alpha Delta Phi understands its unique position in being a positive influence on campus. We value and promote good service and generosity in our organization.