Another year is ending. Soon we will gather, to use the parlance of another time, to quaff carouses and remember the good, the bad and simply the passage of time.

While most will raise their glasses and voices while attempting to fumble through Auld Lang Syne (have you ever met a person who actually knows all the words?), Alpha Delts will find beauty in the same melody, but with different words that each brother can sing by heart: There’s Beauty in yon Crescent Moon.

170-7051_IMGWhile Auld Lang Syne begins with the rhetorical question:  “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?” There’s Beauty does not ask such a question because Alpha Delts find beauty in remembering all of our brothers:  be they collegiate cohorts, elders, up-and-coming  members or even a brother they have just met two minutes ago. We find beauty in the fact that even if we don’t know a  brother, we know the bridge he has crossed and that each of us contributed to building that bridge. And finally, we find beauty in the strong ties that make it an effortless action to welcome a brother back after years or miles of distance from the brotherhood.

This beauty seen through our actions mean that any year is a great year to rally round our Alpha Delt Phi.

I hope you’ll join us, wherever you are this New Years Eve to sing There’s Beauty in Yon Crescent Moon. Sing it loudly and proudly with brothers, be they acquaintances or old friends.

Happy New Year!

John Komarek
Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota Alumni Society