A truly inspiring sight to behold; hundreds of people flocking to Lake Calhoun to watch, run, jump and warm up in a hot tub – all in support of the Special Olympics as Law Enforcement for Special Olympics Minnesota held the annual “Polar Bear Plunge” this winter.  On Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, the University of Minnesota Alpha Delts headed to Uptown in Minneapolis to submerge themselves within the bitter cold waters of Lake Calhoun for the 2012 “Polar Bear Plunge.”

As the leading fundraising group from the University of Minnesota, the eighteen current brothers and alumni of Alpha Delta Phi were able to raise $2,635 and make the jump this year while raising awareness and support for the Special Olympics.  With friends and family tagging along for the jump, the brothers strolled through the tent to the line that loomed ahead.  We reached the patch of water cut out from the ice, and the brothers broke into groups of 4 and advanced to the jump.  Cries of “three.. two…one…JUMP!!!” rang out as group after group jumped into the freezing cold water that would take the breath away of every jumper the second they were submerged.  Struggling to advance through the water, each brother reached the exit and scampered to the waiting hot tubs to help restore their optimal body temperature. As brother Robert Covey (’14) put it, “as soon as my head came above the water, all I could think about was the hot tubs!”

The memorable day at the beach came to a close; the brothers posed for some pictures and returned to the chapter house for some warmth and relaxation after a rewarding, thrilling and chilling experience at Lake Calhoun.

Ian Wise ‘14
Chemical Engineering and Management
Literary and Philanthropy Chair