On Friday, January 13th, the brothers of Alpha Delta Phi joined together to enjoy a fun-filled weekend retreat.  The retreat was a means for the brothers to spend time together, as well as to discuss business matters for the upcoming spring semester.  Weekend activities included a great game of football in the Sports Dome and a meeting/social with alumni.

The active brothers gather for a photo prior to the the start of the alumni meeting.

The alumni meeting was a great opportunity for brothers and alumni to set goals for the semester and take a step back to reflect on what it truly means to be an Alpha Delt.  Additionally, the actives engaged in a group discussion about the chapter’s core values.  The senior class gave their take on the event:

“We built up the bonds of brotherhood through various activities such as football and basement repair, but more importantly, we sat down and discussed the core values of our organization such as the meaning of passion and growth.”

One of the breakout session groups who had been discussing their perspectives on core values.

Alumnus Nik VanDenMeerendonk also gave a passionate perspective on the retreat:

“This event was not only a great way for the alumni to meet and interact with the actives; it was an opportunity to really put our heads together and collaborate, identifying common goals and redefining our purpose as an organization. Any alumnus would do himself a favor by taking advantage of this opportunity to work with the current chapter on building our legacy.”

Overall, the event was a great success and benefitted both the actives and alumni by placing a renewed perspective on Alpha Delta Phi.