Break out your laptops, instruments, and cameras…it’s once again time for the annual Samuel Eells Literary and Educational Foundation (SELEF) Literary Competition, one of the largest and most treasured traditions of our great organization!  It is an opportunity to share some of your finest creative talent with original works of fiction/non-fiction writing, poetry, music and lyrics, photography and film!

A $1,000 GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to that single entry which shows the greatest level of overall excellence in one of the six categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, film, and music/lyrics.

The 2012 SELEF Literary Competition is open to all undergraduate college students associated with SELEF at select schools.  As you may know, the Literary Competition has been gaining strength within the last few years. We have received more entries, of higher quality, from more participants around the country and Canada.  Alpha Delta Phi would like to thank you and congratulate you for making the effort to support our literary tradition.  We wish you the best of luck in the contest, and in the development of your own individual literary endeavors!

Please see the rules and details of the competition at our designated facebook page:

or visit the official SELEF Literary Competition page:

Please be sure to contact the Foundation Headquarters if you have any questions.