My time as an Alpha Delt taught me many life lessons that I use to this day. Most specifically, risk management. I think that the Minnesota Chapter is unique because of our heavy emphasis on risk management. When having guests over for a party, it was ingrained in us right from the start that not only are we responsible for ourselves, but also for the safety and well-being of our guests in attendance. Duties would be assigned in advance designating which brother would man the door, ensure that the grounds were being patrolled, guests were behaving, etc. If any problems did arise, brothers banded together to make sure they were resolved as effectively, safely and responsibly as possible. Even though we may be having a lighthearted get-together with friends, there was always the over arching sense of responsibility. I can honestly say that in my tenure as an active member, there was never once a serious incident that jeopardized the safety of any brothers or guests attending a function at our house. I commend the previous and current Risk Management Chairs for their dedication and care to ensure that Alpha Delta Phi remains a safe and welcoming environment for students to come and enjoy their college years.

John “Jingles” Jacobson
Class of 2009
Licensed Mortician
St. Paul, Minnesota