During days of national remembrance, Alpha Delts pause to honor our fallen brothers from all chapters. On the recent 11-year anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, we reflect on the life, memory and ultimate sacrifice of Br. Jeremy L. Glick, R’93. The thoughts and prayers of the MN chapter are with the loved ones of Br. Glick and with the Rochester Chapter as well.

“Please take moment today to remember Brother Jeremy L. Glick, R’93, who was among the passengers aboard Flight 93 on that tragic and fateful date of 9/11 eleven years ago. Jeremy was among those few brave men who banded together to attack the terrorists, successfully thwarting their effort to crash the plane into the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Brother Glick was a member of the Rochester Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi. He served as president of the chapter, was an outstanding athlete and contributed original poetry to the fraternity’s literary program. Jeremy also was involved in many campus wide activities and with other student life organizations.”

— On behalf of the Genesee Graduate Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi at the University of Rochester


  1. Dustin Gilman

    Very well said. I’m sure all the chapters had him in mind.


    Dustin Gilman
    Memorial ’07

  2. Wes Bridel

    Thanks for sharing. I had not heard about his sacrifice and bravery. Thanks for sharing the tribute.

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