To the active members of Alpha Delta Phi,

Finals week is approaching, and on behalf of the alumni, I’d like to wish all of our active members luck on their final exams.  It’s always great to see how much work you put into your philanthropic and social efforts throughout the school year, and it’s important to let you know that your academic pursuits are not forgotten.

Finals week can be one of the biggest hurdles you face throughout your college career, and when it becomes daunting, it’s easy to feel isolated in frustration.  Please know that the alumni are here to support you and hope you are doing all you can to not only maintain a good name for your fraternity, but for yourselves as well.  We’ve all been there, and while the material may have changed, some study methods remain tried and true.

– Find study partners and quiz each other.
– Make sure you understand all your notes.
– Make charts, diagrams, graphs, lists and flash cards.
– Try to avoid pulling all-nighters if possible (although this works better for some)
– Turn off the video games for the week.
– Turn off or silence phones during study sessions.
– Limit your use of Facebook, Twitter, etc. to minimize potential distractions.
– Remember to eat healthy and exercise.
– Get plenty of sleep.
– Help other brothers study and prepare for their own exams when you can.

Finals week should be viewed as a time when your normal routine may need to be changed a bit to prepare for everything you’ve been learning this past semester.  Keep your priorities in check for the week and you’ll do great.

You may even discover some new study aides to help you along the way.  If you never listen to Taylor Swift but you’ve found her music helps you remember Calc VII and the names of prominent Baroque painters, by all means crack open those books, throw on a little “Teardrops On My Guitar” and go pop some neurons!

Stay focused guys.  You’ve come all this way and this is the last challenge of the school year.  We’re all proud of you for what you’ve done for this chapter, and we look forward to hearing about each of your positive academic achievements after finals week!

Nik VanDenMeerendonk, MN ’05
Alpha Delta Phi MN Alumni Board