What do Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley, Brad Pitt and the MN Alpha Delta Phi kitchen all have in common? And don’t say “immaculate hair growth.” No. Seriously, don’t.

Instead, can you say FACELIFT? That’s right. After years upon years of dutiful service to our house, the old kitchen has earned its right to once again be young and beautiful. It’s like a fairy tale where an old crone wants nothing more than to be a spry, vivacious lass in the prime of her life. And then one day, POOF! She’s a knockout. And she’s the most popular gal at the ball. But her true beauty lies on the inside because of her long wonderful history and the memories she has and whatnot.

Okay, I may have gotten a little off track there — look, the point is, the kitchen is sporting a new, updated look after extensive renovation over the summer. With many thanks to the efforts of the alumni organization and their generous donations, we have been able to provide an upgrade that our house so deeply deserves.

New cabinets, countertops, sinks, stove, oven, etc. The works. And why not? This kitchen has served generations of our members and provided countless memories along the way. We can barely express how thrilled we are to offer active members a chance to create meals with the new amenities. Many were able to see the improvements at Homecoming and many more will see them at our upcoming Founder’s Day event. We hope that this new kitchen will help to create memories that will endure the test of time — like Joan Rivers’ face.

Nik VanDenMeerendonk, MN ’05
Alpha Delta Phi MN Alumni Board