I recently had the opportunity to go ice fishing with Brother Phil Virden’s ’10 family.  This trip was just one of many activities that I have been invited to.  I can honestly say that Brother Virden’s family has some of the most generous, gracious and kind people I have ever met.  My own family lives 2 states away, and I am rarely able to see them.  Both of Phil’s parents treat me as if I were their own son. Whether it be Mrs. Virden sending me some of her famous Hunter’s Casserole or Mr. Virden offering to take me fishing every chance he gets, I would never have had the opportunity to get to know such a great family if it hadn’t been for both Phil and I being in the same pledge class and becoming fast friends.  This just goes to show that the bonds we form in Alpha Delta Phi transcends friendships and creates extended families.

John “Jingles” Jacobson
Class of 2009
Licensed Mortician
St. Paul, Minnesota