Professionals Night Networking Event Featuring Kurt Lange, Co-founder of U.S. Internet

Ever since he can remember, Kurt Lange, Minn. ’90 was always full of entrepreneurial ideas. Some good. Some, well, not so good.

“You know what my great idea when I was in a high school? Selling gum-ball machines,” Lange joked. “You can see how that turned out.”

While Lange is not known for his vast gum-ball empire, he is known as a founding member of U.S. Internet, a company co-located around the globe and that provides Wifi to the City of Minneapolis.

As an owner of a company that had double-digit growth and continued to hire during the recession, you could say he is a successful entrepreneur. That success didn’t happen overnight, however. He spent many years in a basement before he found his success in the boardroom. At the last ADPhi Professionals Night at Cooper Pub, Brother Lange wasn’t afraid to tell members of the ADPhi Professional Network about each failure he had as a young professional.

As Lange built U.S. Internet through long days and nights with failures and victories alike, there’s one thing that he says kept him going: knowing that he loves being an entrepreneur.

“Some people want to be doctors, lawyers and such,” Lange said. “Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but if you love it, just do it. Be like Nike. Just do it.”

After Lange’s presentation, brothers from all generations and chapters like Mark Kimitch, Minn. ’05 and Tyler Anschutz, Minn. ’10 didn’t fail to bring up many questions about steps to becoming an entrepreneur and exchanged business cards with Lange and other brothers in attendance like Jeff Stewart, Minn. ’79 and another entrepreneur Ralph Herda, Miami ’77.