In the past 30 years since its construction, there has not been a new member of the Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota Chapter that has not set foot on the house’s well-known porch to check out the house’s view of University Avenue. It is now receiving an aesthetic and structural renovation in preparation for the chapter to host their 125th Anniversary events for the 2017 Convention.

An iconic spot for friendly gatherings, barbecues, games, and Homecoming parade viewing parties, the porch has served generations of our membership well throughout the years. Countless friends and family have also shared fond Alpha Delta Phi memories on this porch and it has been our privilege to share our beloved porch with those close to us.

Over the years, the old Alpha Delta Phi porch:

– Has weathered years of rainstorms, blizzards, and scorching summers

– Was the backdrop during front lawn slip n’ slide events

– Was balcony seating for our popular, annual Car Smash fundraising event

– Gave us a podium to showcase our favorite ugly, secondhand couches

– Was a prime spot for people-watching

– Has seen three decades of barbecues

– Was a place to gather for games and dances on the weekends

– Was a study lounge for exams and finals

– Was a place to form friendships, nurse heartbreaks, celebrate victories

– Was once turned into a makeshift hot tub by some ambitious brothers

– Was where brothers met and fell in love with their future spouses

– Gave brothers a place to enjoy drinks and cigars each Founder’s Day

– Was a place for alumni to bring their families years after graduation

We’re incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful years of memories the old porch has given us and we’re looking forward to many more with the brand new porch.

Thanks to the very generous donations of our most supportive alumni, we are able to keep our porch traditions alive and well for many generations to come.

What else can be said? Most brothers will agree, our porch memories are arguably one of the most quintessential Minnesota Alpha Delta Phi experiences you can get.

And that’s worth protecting.