After a brief stroll through today’s internet(googling all things ADPhi), I came across this dashing little number.

The Alpha Delta Phi blazer by Blaze-In Sportswear.

How great would you look sporting one of these babies at homecoming or relaxing at Founder’s Day? Heck, wear it out for a night on the town. Just a friendly reminder that fraternities are more than popped collars, AXE and boat shorts, people. Some wear the green tie. Some wear the custom embroidered sweatshirts and knit caps. And a few will step up their game with the Alpha Delta Phi blazer — proving to the world one simple fact: we Alpha Delts are handsome devils.

Straight from the website:
It’s a classic look- and essential element in every wardrobe. A pure worsted wool- fully constructed navy blazer that lends instant polish to any outfit.

Features a classic fit with two button closure, center vent plus:
– Bold Emerald and Pearl striped lining.
– Impeccably hand embroidered Alpha Delta Phi crest and letters on inside besom pockets
– Custom embossed ADP buttons
– Hand-picked stitching
– Built in pocket square

Feel free to visit the website for more details!