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Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity

University of Minnesota Chapter

Author Archives: JohnKomarek

There’s Beauty in Auld Lang Syne

Posted on by JohnKomarek

Another year is ending. Soon we will gather, to use the parlance of another time, to quaff carouses and remember the good, the bad and simply the passage of time. While most will raise their glasses and voices while attempting to fumble through Auld Lang Syne (have you ever met a person who actually knows all the words?), Alpha Delts will find beauty in the same melody, but with different words that each brother can sing by heart: There’s Beauty in yon Crescent Moon. While Auld Lang Syne begins with the rhetorical question:  “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?” There’s Beauty does not ask such a question because Alpha Delts find beauty in remembering all of our brothers:  be they collegiate cohorts, elders, up-and-coming  members or even a brother they have just met two minutes ago. We find beauty in the fact that even if we don’t know a  brother, we know the bridge he has crossed and that each of us contributed to building that bridge. And finally, we find beauty in the strong ties that make it an effortless action to welcome a brother back after years or miles of distance from the brotherhood. This beauty seen through our actions mean that any year is a great year to rally round our Alpha Delt Phi. I hope you’ll join us, wherever you are this New Years Eve to sing There’s Beauty in Yon Crescent Moon. Sing it loudly and proudly with brothers, be they acquaintances or old friends. Your browser does not support the audio element. Happy New Year! John Komarek Director Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota Alumni Society

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A Mentor’s Confession…

Posted on by JohnKomarek

Jared Schmidt, Minn. ’04 reflects on his time mentoring Lucas Glissendorf, Minn. ’13 Mentoring has always been such an odd thing for me. I’ve been volunteering as a mentor for three years now with the U of MN College of Design. Each year, without fail, I end up with this nagging sense that I should have done or given more to the mentee with which I was paired. The reason for
 this is simple: each year, I am sure I get more out of the exchange than they do. With active chapter
 president Lucas Glissendorf as my mentee for the 2011-2012 school year, this fact was more glaring
 than ever before as I found myself humbled by the schooling he gave me in ambition, creativity, insight,
and indeed myself. In a moment of self-doubt, you may ask, as I have asked myself, “what qualifies me to be a 
mentor?” Well, the thing is, nothing in particular really does. We may assign these labels, but in the 
end I’ve found, I end up learning just as much as the person to whom I am supposed to be bestowing
 my “wisdom”. The fact is humans learn more, and learn better, through spontaneous informal
 interaction than they ever do through training, educational curricula, or authoritative direction. Research shows we learn nearly as much through what is known as legitimate peripheral participation –
 or in other words, just overhearing things the people around us are talking about. Knowing this eases 
the burden of mentorship immensely, as you realize; all you really have to do is expose one another to
 different opportunities and experiences and—voila—congratulations you’re a mentor! It’s really so easy 
that, oftentimes, you don’t even know when you are doing it. This is the secret to mentoring and one of the many reasons I love [read more…]

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Failure is part of success

Posted on by JohnKomarek

Professionals Night Networking Event Featuring Kurt Lange, Co-founder of U.S. Internet Ever since he can remember, Kurt Lange, Minn. ’90 was always full of entrepreneurial ideas. Some good. Some, well, not so good. “You know what my great idea when I was in a high school? Selling gum-ball machines,” Lange joked. “You can see how that turned out.” While Lange is not known for his vast gum-ball empire, he is known as a founding member of U.S. Internet, a company co-located around the globe and that provides Wifi to the City of Minneapolis. As an owner of a company that had double-digit growth and continued to hire during the recession, you could say he is a successful entrepreneur. That success didn’t happen overnight, however. He spent many years in a basement before he found his success in the boardroom. At the last ADPhi Professionals Night at Cooper Pub, Brother Lange wasn’t afraid to tell members of the ADPhi Professional Network about each failure he had as a young professional. As Lange built U.S. Internet through long days and nights with failures and victories alike, there’s one thing that he says kept him going: knowing that he loves being an entrepreneur. “Some people want to be doctors, lawyers and such,” Lange said. “Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but if you love it, just do it. Be like Nike. Just do it.” After Lange’s presentation, brothers from all generations and chapters like Mark Kimitch, Minn. ’05 and Tyler Anschutz, Minn. ’10 didn’t fail to bring up many questions about steps to becoming an entrepreneur and exchanged business cards with Lange and other brothers in attendance like Jeff Stewart, Minn. ’79 and another entrepreneur Ralph Herda, Miami ’77.

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Industry Professionals Connect, Share Ideas

Posted on by JohnKomarek

Professional’s Night Featuring Steve Thompson You may have noticed a number of emails in your inbox regarding an event called “Professional’s Night.” This on-going networking event is open to all brothers of the Alpha Delta Phi in or around the Twin Cities area. After a successful inaugural event, Professional’s Night has started featuring some of our noteworthy brothers in the ADPhi Professional Network. At a crowded table inside the Bulldog North East, Steve Thompson Minn. ’95 of Microsoft Corporation lent the fraternity his time and his expertise. Thompson explained his transition from a Political Science major from the College of Liberal Arts to a taking a leadership role in a highly technical field. “I did a lot of consulting for many different clients to start my career,” Thompson said. “It took a lot of hard work and networking, but soon found myself at Microsoft.” Thompson, as a former alumni and active president, is no stranger to leadership. “I took what I learned from the fraternity and my college courses and applied it to every client I worked with to ensure that the job was done correctly,” Thompson said. “People noticed.” Members of all ages and generations shared their professional perspectives. From former U.S. Congressman Bill Luther Minn. ’67 to recent alumni Dan Johnson Minn. ’11 and Dan Hassing Pennisular ’10, brothers spent the evening connecting and sharing ideas. “I enjoyed speaking with generations of alumni about his professional work,” Johnson said. “As a member new to the alumni network, I felt welcomed and engaged in great networking and conversation with industry professionals.” Johnson could be seen discussing everything from how to begin your own consulting business to politics with Thompson. Former U.S. Congressman Luther made his way around the table to meet with members of the ADPhi Professional Network and [read more…]

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ADPhi Professional’s Night

Posted on by JohnKomarek

Inaugural Professional’s Night is a Success! Multiple chapters connect, network and build the ADPhi Professional Network Inside Ginger Hop in Northeast Minneapolis, alumni from Minnesota, Illinois and Peninsular chapters convened for the inaugural “Professional’s Night.” This on-going networking event is open to all brothers of the Alpha Delta Phi in or around the Twin Cities area. For some, it’s a chance to catch up and find out about his fellow brothers’ professional careers. “It’s amazing how quickly you can lose touch with brothers from your own chapter,” Dave Schnizlein, Minn. ’07 said. “It was great to hear about what others were working on and making connections that could help me advance my career or take it in a new direction.” For others, it’s a chance to make new connections with members from other chapters and to expand a professional network. “Wherever you are in the world, you know that there are brothers out there, but beyond Founder’s Day, there aren’t many opportunities to connect with them,” Bill James, Ill. ’80 said. “At Professional’s Night, I was able to meet many up-and-coming brothers with marketable skills and talent.” And for one, it provided an opportunity to connect with brothers after returning to begin his professional career in his home state. “As an Alpha Delt who went to college out-of-state, I didn’t necessarily get to meet many of the Minnesota brothers,” Dan Hassing, Pennisular ’10 said. “After meeting the group in Minneapolis, I’m excited to be a part of the ADPhi Professional Network.” Check your email inbox for upcoming Professional’s Night events and about the addition of “Featured Alumni” who will attend and address the group. For more information about Professional’s Night or to request to become a Featured Alumni for an upcoming event, please contact John Komarek at john.komarek07@gmail.com.

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