Welcoming newly graduated alumni as well as greeting seasoned alumni is as much a part of the Alpha Delta Phi experience as anything else. The idea of a “mystic tie that binds” unites undergrads and alumni alike through the shared experience of fraternity traditions that survive the test of time. Graduation is by no means an end to the fraternity experience, but simply the entrance to a new one. Alumni, though no longer residents of the Minnesota chapter house, live all over the world and still share their outside knowledge and skills with the new active generations.

The insight of alumni is key towards maintaining the operation of the chapter beyond the responsibilities of the actives. Similar to active efforts, the alumni conduct fundraising efforts, donation collection, repairs and renovation and general upkeep. Furthermore, they become a resource to the younger brothers as mentors, networking connections, friends and confidants. The promise to take care of one’s fellow brothers extends from alumni to actives and holds true for decades.

As an Alpha Delt alum, one strives to protect, cultivate and expand the organization in whatever way he is able. A diverse collection of skillsets and backgrounds enables brothers to operate the house in a way unique to its individual members.

The metamorphosis from active to alum is a necessary step to becoming a well-rounded Alpha Delt as a brother relinquishes his undergraduate Alpha Delt status with a “real life” background to become a “real life” person with an Alpha Delt background.

Professionals Night Speaker Recommendation

Help us find the next Professionals Night speaker!

Any and all Alpha Delts are welcome to be speakers — from business to art to personal hobbies — there’s no subject or speaker we won’t consider entertaining.

And don’t be bashful: speakers don’t need to be the Bill Gates of his industry. This event is a chance for us to share our working knowledge and build our alumni network.

Finally, even if you’re not sure what subject a brother should address, but you know of an engaging and interesting brother, let us know! We can contact him to develop a topic that would work.