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Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity

University of Minnesota Chapter

Founder's Day is Friday, February 28, 2014 at the Minneapolis Club
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Most Outstanding Chapter of the Year

We won the Most Outstanding Chapter of the Year award in 2010

2015 Founder’s Day

Posted on by Nik VanDenMeerendonk

The Minnesota Alumni Society would like to invite our alumni to the Chapter House to celebrate the founding of the Minnesota Chapter.  On February 22, 1892 the Minnesota Chapter was founded by a small group of men along with the guidance and support of Br. William Watts Folwell (Geneva 1857), the first president of the University of Minnesota.  Each year since then, we gather to celebrate the achievements of the past year, meet new friends, and relive old memories.  Please join us this year as we celebrate our 123rd Anniversary on Friday, February 20, 2015 at the Minneapolis Club. Schedule of Events:  (Coat & Tie Required) 5:00pm Social & Fellowship – Minneapolis Club 7:00pm Dinner – Minneapolis Club 9:30pm Social & Fellowship – Chapter House Please reach out to your pledge brothers, former housemates, and/or anyone you have remained close to over the years and invite them …

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Our Story

There is more to Alpha Delta Phi than meets the eye. It is a place for a young man to develop a sense of belonging; where followers discover the leaders within themselves. It is a place where men support each other in all their endeavors to become the best they can be. We defy the stereotype and live by the sword and spear. No matter how frequent the false assumptions may label the fraternity as just another metaphorical societal toilet, our fulfillment of our motto, manus multæ cor unum coupled with high social, moral, and intellectual expectations will forever disprove the most stubborn skeptics and cynics.

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